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Quotes of Love


As much as anything your love to someone you love, you'll never accomplish her love if you never expressed your love for him.

True love is when both sides have to understand what it means to love, so they had no reason to terminate the relationship.

When you have a reason to love someone then you do not understand what love is. If you know it, love someone does not rely on any reason why it could love.

No amount of gold you have, never will be able to buy love. Love can not be bought with anything.

Love what you have, do not try to have what you love.

If you love someone, do not give excessive praise. In romance honesty is more needed than praise.

Do not make someone you love will be hurt the painful decision of his heart. Think back to why you can mencitanya.

Love your parents before loving someone else.

The more you love, love the breed that is in your heart. The more you membecinya, increasingly falling in love in the heart.

Do not ever blame anything that happens in love. Love is neutral, which occurred apaun is ulahmu solely his own.

Love is not everything, but all things need love.

Love your man with a sincere heart, but do not give her love than your love to those who have melahirkanmu and created you.

Love the people who can make you happy, do not love the person who will make you happy.

Love the people who love God so that you can learn to love Him.

Do not despair if someone you love does not love you. Maybe in his eyes you are not the best.

Love the person you love is, because that's where loyalty of love.

If you love someone, keep your love for no more than your love to God.

Love the people whose hearts are linked to God, that ye should not fall into the abyss of false love.

Do not ever turn away and forget about him when you're falling in love with someone else.
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