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Here's Villages Burned Up to 2 Months Length


A great fire occurred in the village of Canneto on the Caronia, the North coast of the island of Sicily. Ni event begins January 20, 2004 when a TV on fire. From the TV on fire, the fire began to creep into the neighbors' homes, including washing machines, cell phones, mattresses, chairs and even the insulation on water pipes.

As a result of this incident, the local power company sought to cut off power lines in the village. But unfortunately the fire is still continuing. Because the event has not ended, experts from all fields were tested, but only in vain. They could not find any explanation.

Because the great event, the entire village was evacuated and all residents were evacuated to a safer place in February. Even more horrendous again when the locals back in March, the fire still was not over. It was the fire that can not be trusted but this is a fact.

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