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Motivation Theories: Life Is Beautiful


Each person is given the expected life time to do things better. But many people who abuse the living to dissipate. Call it the hedonism, they assume that the search for worldly pleasures become their main goal, because life in the world only once.

Living in the world is a one-time, but that does not mean to look for worldly pleasures only. Hiasilah life after living for pleasure, that's real life. But it seems still a little group like this.

Many people who spend their lives just in the room or in front of a computer screen all day. In fact out there to mash stretches an amazing natural way, the beauty on display and proof of God's majesty. Try a day just to see the majesty of God, do it while you can. You do not necessarily enjoy it when the view from myopia. Enjoy the stunning natural charm. Feel what happens in one day.

Before time runs out your life, enjoy it. The past will not return. So, do well in the present for good results in the future.

"People who wasted his true life was never alive, because life is beautiful." (Mifta Nurdin)

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