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Below I present the words of pearls as a material reflection for yourself to be more passion in life and better interpret the true meaning of life.

"If you just learn how, you will be bound by it, but if you learn the principle, you can find your own way."
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

"If we hope something will be painful to us, then the result is really painful."
(Jaya Setiabudi)

"Anyone who want to start a business, must have the courage for action. Plans are not to make people successful."
(Bob Sadino)

"There is no secret to respond success.Success it can happen because of preparation, hard work and willing to learn from failure."
(General Colin Powell)

"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!"
(Thomas Jefferson)

"Diseases come on horseback, but go by foot."

"Foolishness is that we learn many things that are not useful for our lives."

"From reading and conversation we can get lots of ideas about man and nature, but our own reflection that should form our judgments."
(Isaac Watts)

"People will forget the mistakes of that kind."

"The most lasting Award is given to you by your family sendri."
(O. A. Batista)

"Failure is actually the ketidakberanian to try."
(AA Gym)

"Dark stars brighten, brighten human sorrow."
(Robert Burns)

"Love is not blind. Love is the bond that tied the not blind."

"Knowing yourself is much more difficult than other people want to know personally, so get to know yourself before knowing the other person."

"He who can control others is strong. He who can control himself is a great person."
(Lao Tzu)

"People who did not trust himself can never trust anyone else."
(Cardinal de Retz)

"The wise man thinks twice before speaking once. Life of others is the best mirror in which we can introspection into our own lives."

"At best friend too, we should not ask for anything that does not dpat gives."
(Alban Goodier)

"People who do not experience himself ruled bijasana also did not try to rule others."
(Jean de a Bruyere)

"We often boast that we never feel bored. But we are too arrogant to realize how often we bore others."
(La Rouchefucauld)

"If you want to captivate someone to obey your will of her first Make sure that you are her best friend."

"Education is the most correct is the set of good habits."

"Try to be wiser than others if you can do it, but do not tell them that you are wiser than they."

"People are afraid of suffering seenarnya already suffering because of fear itself."

"People who are most unhappy are the people who most fear change."
(Mc. Laughlin)

"Preservation means penngetahuan among the common people is more important than all the property owned by the rich who are in the country."
(John Adams)

"To conquer oneself is the most glorious victory."

"Kindness can affect more people than eloquence."

"Violence, shouting, swearing is a false strength of weak human beings."

"Strength of hearts does not mean a lack of fear, it is to conquer the fear."

"The first mistake is to belong to someone who did, the second fault belongs to those who allow it."

"Recipe for a successful person is not only resistant and resilient to accept the reality of life, but also liked it."

"The three hardest words to say is that I already guilty."

"Patience really is waiting without worrying."

"My wife is a lover of young men, friends for middle-aged man and a nurse for an old man."
(Francis Bacon)

"Pomp and enjoyment of life of rich people bought with the tears of the people are destitute."
(Thomas Fuller)

"In romance people need to believe in friendship and understanding needed."
(Abei Donard)

"Happiness is felt by people who can feel satisfied with himself."

"A true friend is one who knows about the worst in us, but our own membiarka fix it."

"To read without imagining like eating without digesting."
(Edmund Burke)

"There are people who laugh to show their teeth are nice and there is mourning to show their generosity."
(Joseph Roux)

"Responsibility is the same as old age, we could not avoid it."

"Stinginess segregate humans from the world and shut his own soul into his personal darkness."

"Undertaking bring appreciation from people who are sincere and happiness in general."
(La Rouchefoucauld)

"People who educate their children saving more worthwhile than leaving a lot of property."

"Physical pain is the insurer rather than a thousand kinds of disorders that can membwa feeling of death."

"Ambition will never produce anything until he was paired with a job."

"We must learn to walk before they can run."

"If trouble does not make you doing worse, then he will make doin better."

"People who have no consideration like an unoccupied house that was heading for destruction."
(Gregory G. Young)

"New discoveries occur because the look like other people see it and think about what seoangpun not think about it."
(A. G. von Szent Nagyropolt)

"Three minutes of anger, it will paralyze your power more quickly than eight hours of work."
(Charies W. Shedd)

"The heart of a mother is like an abyss at the bottom there's always sorry."

"How many roads that must be passed by a man before you can call as a human being."
(Bob Dylan)

"The only thing in this world who can not change is change."
(Agnes Monica)

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