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About Film Cartoon The Penguins of Madagascar

Cartoon Penguins of Madagascar is a film that tells four bird cartoon smart penguin named Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico. In addition, many complementary figures such as Julian King, Mort, Maurice and others. All the characters in this cartoon is part of the cartoon movie Madagascar is famous for.

Set at the zoo, 4-based herd penguins under water to conduct covert missions a la penguins. In carrying out its mission, as commander of the frequently asked Skipper certain tools that are in the belly Rico who can spit when needed. For the slow loris consisting of Julian King as king and 2 of his followers, namely Mort and Morris, they often ask for help or even disturb the penguins and penguins call it as ridiculous. From the penguins also have its own designation for the slow loris, the tail ring to the king julian, sad eyes to mort, and lemur fat to Maurice.

The following figures are translated cartoon Penguins of Madagascar (for the penguins and the slow loris only).

1. Skipper
Skipper is chairman of the leadership of the penguins. To run missions, Skipper was the one who set the course of the mission. Skipper never mistaken for a female penguin on virility test by artificial means Kowalski in an episode. But in the end allegation is false, because there is a power failure when Skipper virility test.
2. Kowalski is the tallest penguin of other penguins. Kowalski is a penguin who is infatuated with science (science). He is good at creating inventions, such as: flashlight light penyusut, j-gel, soy memory loss, etc.. He also often makes the analysis as accurate as possible on the orders of Skipper.

3. Private
Of the four penguins, Private is a penguin who have the greatest compassion. Skipper has said that his heart soft.

4. Rico
Rico is a penguin who have crested and scratches on his beak. Of the four penguins, Rico is the only penguins who can not speak. Rico can regurgitate certain goods which had swallowed, such as dynamite, hammer, gun, etc..

5. King Julien
Julien is the king with Mort and Maurice as his followers. Julian often interfere with the penguins and tail dubbed the ring by the penguins.

6. Mort 
Mort is the smallest among the three slow loris slow loris. Mort had no pain despite having been stung, electrocuted, hit a bomb explosion and was thrown very far. He just laughed and delighted when exposed to danger. Mort really like to hug the foot of Julian, but Julian did not like it. Mort dubbed "pleading eyes" by the penguins.
7. Maurice 
Kukang fat, so the penguins call him. Maurice is a slow loris gray colored and plump.

Follow the story only at The Penguins of Madagascar.
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